13 Oldest Countries In The World That You Should Visit In 2021


The world dates back to billions of years. How do we know this? Well, historians have been able to trace our ancestry and arrive at this conclusion. This fact would not be very new for many of us. The existence of the Harappa culture is proof that the oldest countries in the world came into existence a long time ago and are in fact, ancient. Don’t you want to explore these places that have witnessed the civilizations growing on the earth? How old, you ask? Well, read ahead to find out the top oldest countries in the world. You might not have thought that these countries have been standing proudly with their roots long back in time. And now when you will visit them, you will definitely have a new perception towards them which will make your trip even more interesting and exciting. 

Top 13 Oldest Countries In The World

Let’s dig into history to find out which places win the top spot for being one of the oldest countries in the world. These countries hold a special record in history. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s embark on a journey to these 13 oldest nations in the world:

France: 486 AD
San Marino: 301 AD
Portugal: 900 Years Old
Greece: 4500 BC
Ethiopia: 5 Million Years
Japan: 15 Million Years Old
China: 2100 BC
Armenia: 6500 BC
Iran: 620 BC
Egypt: 6000 BC
India: 2500 BC
Vietnam: 4000 Years Old
North Korea: 7th Century BC

1. France: 486 AD

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