8 Beautiful Lavasa Villas That Gives Travelers A Chance To Add That Extra Touch To Their Vacation!

8 beautiful lavasa villas that gives travelers a chance to add that extra touch to their vacation

Lavasa is one of the newest additions to the strings of hill stations in India that is surprisingly planned by a private corporation. The town is completely human-made and is heavily inspired by the Italian city named Portofino. Not only is the place impeccably beautiful, but it is well-maintained and clean as well. Lavasa is located at a height of 3000 feet. Several young couples and newly-weds prefer this town for spending some time together due to its resemblance to the cities of Italy and the mesmerizing beauty of the mountains surrounding it.

The city is picturesque and filled with resorts and hotels that are luxurious and offer excellent service. There are several tourist spots in Lavasa that you can view on your trip out there, including Dasve viewpoint, Lavasa Nature trail, Town Hall viewpoint, and many more. All the spots offer the fabulous scenic beauty and can be explored quite easily. If you are serious about visiting Lavasa, you should read this blog carefully. Here you will find about the top Lavasa villas that you could book on the internet.

8 Best Lavasa Villas

Lavasa is a destination that appeals to all kinds of travelers. Here is a list of all the top villas that one can book on their escapade to this every so stunning man-made town!

1. 41 Villa

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41 Villa is a lovely property located amid the beauty of Lavasa, and it accommodates up to eight guests. Not only does the villa have three bedrooms, but every room allows guests to view the glorious mountain from their windows. The property also comes with a living and dining room, and you get to access free private parking space while staying in the villa.

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