How can we Reboot Tourism in India?

how can we reboot tourism in india

Priya Paul Park HotelsTravelling is not just about the destination, the journey is equally important. The idea of travelling happily and secure is what I think will transform tourism in India. Travelling should be easy and not overwhelming or intimidating. Unfortunately, this pandemic-related lack of safety is not in our hands. But we could look at how we can make our journey and destinations safe, secure and hygienic always. This is something that travellers complain about. I hope that a focus on hygiene and safety continues beyond the pandemic and makes tourism in India truly wonderful. 

Aman NathNeemrana HotelsSave or Transform. I think that these two words are not alternatives. We should be saying Save by Transforming or reverse it to: Transform to Save. The stage of words written or spoken and a few mildly flattering appearances on endless webinars, don’t really zoom down to footfalls. If the Tourism Ministry still thinks it knows the pulse and holds the solutions, they should know in their hearts that this isn’t true. You can’t have a learner with little continuity in the studies to preach veteran teachers, can you? Just ask the trade to lay pro-growth policies. FAITH (Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism & Hospitality) is a well-intended organisation, the apex policy platform, a strategic think tank & federation of all the national associations representing the complete tourism, travel and hospitality industry of India—ADTOI, ATOAI, FHRAI, HAI, IATO, ICPB, IHHA, ITTA, TAAI, TAFI. Together they represent the complete value chain of Indian tourism hotels, travel agents, restaurants, tour operators and tourist transporters across all key tourism verticals. Let them lay the rules. 

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