Some lesser-known properties in India where you can ring in the New Year


India is a geographically-blessed country, for it has everything from mountains to beaches, and forests and deserts. While this year has been challenging because of the pandemic, it has not really deterred people from travelling. Indian travellers, especially, have shown keen interest in travelling domestically, albeit keeping all safety protocols in mind.

The holiday season calls for a celebration and a much-deserved break with your loved one. Couples can now escape from the monotony of city life and make the most of their New Year’s Eve celebrations. Digital travel company has curated a list of amazing villas and romantic properties in lesser-known Indian destinations. Read on.

* Muthanga (Kerala)

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Muthanga, situated at Wayanad district in Kerala, is an ideal destination to watch wild elephants, at the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary. You can also enjoy the calmness of the woods here. Vayal Veedu is a farm villa in Muthanga, which is surrounded by greenery that soothes the eyes, and dense forest that gives a chance to experience the majesty of elephants. Couples can opt for jungle safari at the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary or indulge in activities such as paddy cultivation with the locals. They can enjoy the mountain view from the villa and indulge in exquisite Asian meals.

* Bhimtal (Uttarakhand)

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