“The More I Travel, The More I’m Gobsmacked By This Country”

the more i travel the more im gobsmacked by this country

One man, seven cities and an exhilarating journey to find magical elements across India. Neel Madhav, India’s leading illusionist is back with a thousand new tricks up his sleeve in the new season of ‘You Got Magic with Neel Madhav’ on Sony BBC Earth. This time, the show will witness Neel bring to life the cultures and secrets of places like Dehradun, Kerala, Uttarakhand, Ahmedabad, Agra, Deogarh and Chandigarh. In a candid chat with us, he revealed what magic means to him and his incredible journey around the country. 

First of all, I’d like to begin by asking how you are feeling. Any jitters before the big premiere?

More than jitters I’m really looking forward to sharing the magic of India. I think it’s very necessary for people to appreciate and understand the profound culture that we have. I feel people don’t really see it for what it really is and India has a lot of history. The more I travel the more I’m gobsmacked by this country of ours. So, I’m thrilled about my show coming on television and actually quite humbled that I got to experience all of this.

Investment banker father and a media mother. So, how did you manage to foray into the world of illusion and mentalism?

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