Virgin Atlantic’s ‘coolest job’ is vital for travel but ‘passengers don’t think about’ it

virgin atlantics coolest job is vital for travel but passengers dont think about it

Passengers are all too familiar with certain members of staff working in the travel industry who help to bring holiday dreams to life. From pilots to cabin crew, there are plenty of faces familiar to the inflight experience.

“I think I have one of the coolest jobs because what we do in my team, we work with where we fly – the destinations, what aircraft type, what time, what routes to open, what routes to close,” she explained in the tenth episode of Virgin Atlantic’s Flight School on Instagram.

Though her role is imperative in getting planes off the ground, she thinks it is one that is rarely even considered by holidaymakers.

Ms Christiansen says her team handle “all of the things many passengers don’t think about what they go on an aeroplane”.

She continued: “They see the frontline staff, but a lot of the details, there’s work behind to actually get that flight up for sale and then flying, starting from my team.

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“That is why I like to think of us as the heart of the company, where it all begins.”

The Networks, Alliances and Commercial Planning department are tasked with selecting which routes the airline should fly, identifying popular hotspots and new markets to break into, and which planes should take on these routes.

“We are talking about what aircraft type we should have,” she said.

“How many seats should we have in the business class or in economy?

“What time should it fly?

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