What is Sex Dust and Can it Make Your Romantic Trip Better?

what is sex dust and can it make your romantic trip better

Sex Dust. You may have heard that Gwyneth Paltrow sprinkles it in her smoothie every morning, and seen the stimulating herbal supplement all over Instagram. The dust’s cheeky name is definitely designed to raise eyebrows, but does is raise anything below the waist? Read on for our Moon Juice Sex Dust review, and find out it if can make your next romantic trip even sexier.

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What is Sex Dust?

Before we explain exactly what Moon Juice Sex Dust is, we need to explain where it comes from. No surprises here, Sex Dust was born in the epicenter of wellness, youth, and sex: Los Angeles. Moon Juice first launched in 2011, in the beachy and trendy Pacific coast neighborhood of Venice Beach. Originally, Moon Juice sold fresh-pressed juices and nut milks to surfers who wanted fuel before they headed to the beach and the fashion crowd who wanted brightly colored juice props on their Instagram feeds. Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon realized there was a growing market of people who wanted to drink healthier, feel better, and share their wellness lifestyle on social media. Dusts were born.

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