From Hong Kong to Berlin: Some of the world’s most stunning fireworks and light shows


The holidays are all about good food, good mood, and travelling — a lot of it. This year, the pandemic spoiled many of our plans to see the world, to explore more and simply engage with people and learn about new cultures. And while it has forced us all to go low-key in our celebrations, it has not been able to crush our spirit. Even in 2020, countries around the world have been trying to present the best lights and decor shows for residents and travellers, so as to keep with the spirit of the holiday season.

The festivities start with Christmas baubles, wreaths, glittering stars, mistletoe, candy canes and fairy lights that have an inherent cheerfulness about them. Each of these decorations is significant and symbolises peace and harmony. Had it not been for the pandemic, travellers may have had the chance to witness the magic of the season in person. Nonetheless, here is a list of places which have gorgeous light shows, which can help you look back on the year and bid it adieu. Read on.

Harbour City, Hong Kong

This Christmas, Ocean Terminal Deck has been transformed into a Christmas Lighting Garden.

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