Tanzania: Mt Kilimanjaro Gleams in China

tanzania mt kilimanjaro gleams in china

MOUNT Kilimanjaro, Africa’s rooftop, has once again emerged as a special attraction in China and Asia.

It is in Guyang in China where Tanzania’s tour operator, Zara Tours, scooped the Best Mountain Tourism Award in the 2020 International Mountain Tourism Alliance (IMTA).

Zara Tours won the award following its presentation of Kilimanjaro Marangu Hiking Route on Wednesday at the IMTA.

Chinese television stations will on Thursday (November 19,2020) run special 15-minute programmes highlighting Mt Kilimanjaro and the Marangu Trekking Route.

Tanzania’s Ambassador to China Mr Mbelwa Kairuki said on Wednesday that the conference, consequent award and the special programmes to be aired are worthy opportunities to educate Chinese and other people in the region of the fact that Mt Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania and not otherwise.

They will instill in their minds and of those in the Far East and other viewers– would-be tourists — of where they could make expeditions in the country given that the Covid-19 pandemic has been completely controlled.

The awards aim to convey the social responsibility and values that practitioners of the mountain tourism sector ought to shoulder while sticking to the concept of innovation, green, ecology and sustainable development.

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