A Tale Of Two Cities Through Art-Centered Travel

a tale of two cities through art centered travel

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Ironically, this classic literary reference by Charles Dickens is true of the life we live in 2020. Technology continues to sprint forward, social injustice resuscitated a movement of change, new voices in pop music hit the airwaves, and art, in all its forms, brushed along the canvases of the world.

Travel was hindered, as was most industries, by the Coronavirus, but as travel restrictions begin to loosen, and people find the means to adapt by finding experiences that bring joy, a trip focusing on art of a particular city or region can become a well-deserved distraction. Though every country on earth can boast of their artistic landmarks, two of the many cities with a strong art history and contemporary vibe are Paris and London.

Paris is the city of lights and the Louvre


The aforementioned novel of A Tale of Two Cities takes place in London and Paris. Just as the themes of great novels are centered around its characters, so the theme of this article will revolve around a contemporary artist who is emerging as a powerful force in both historic cities. Cho, Hui-Chin is a Taiwan-born artist who has lived and worked in London and Paris since 2014. Her work has elements of collage and mixed media expressing a narrative which touches upon desire, fetish, humanity and obsession.

Artist Cho, Hui-Chin

Courtesy of Cho, Hui-Chin

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