France’s Biggest Beauty Secret Makes A Splashy Launch In The U.S.

frances biggest beauty secret makes a splashy launch in the u s

Though around for centuries, royal jelly has become a well-kept secret of French beauty experts.

(Courtesy of French Royal)

Ask anyone whose aging, and they’ll most likely tell you that one of the things they want most is to at least look younger. Being told that you look decades younger than you actually are is one of the biggest compliments an adult (especially a woman) can get, and to be in that exclusive club of people who’ve drunk from the proverbial fountain of youth is where most would love to be. For millennia, people all over the world have gone to extremes to achieve this, from eating leeches to taking crocodile dung mud baths.

However, a mother-daughter from Queens have rediscovered a centuries-old way of pursuing the dream of anti-aging, and it comes from France.

Enter Stacey and Kelsey Bent, a mother and daughter respectively who have frequently moved between Queens, New York and Paris for most of their lives. While speaking with a Parisian neighbor one day a few years ago, they learned something about her that changed the course of their lives.

“At some point in our conversation she mentioned that her husband was 92 and played tennis everyday, at which point Kelsey and I almost fell off of our chairs,” Stacey explained. “We asked her how old she was, and it turned out she was in her late 70s, but we always assumed she was in her 50s. We thought there was no way, her skin was amazing!”

Stacey (left) and Kelsey (right) Bent are a mother-daughter team that, despite having no experience … [+] in the field, worked diligently to learn and about and grow a business worthy of French emperors.

(Courtesy of French Royal)

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