A perfect day in Bandol, Provence

a perfect day in bandol provence

If you wake up in one of the small boutique hotels that are within distance of Bandol, then your day is already perfect. The light in Bandol and surrounding areas in the morning is glorious; it will flood your room with warmth. Looking out across the view will leave you breathless, the big open skies and the mix of sand and coastal rock. What else would you need in your day?

Well, let us assume that you would like more from your day than a lazy day in your room. Let us guide you from breakfast through to nightfall, looking for all the best ways to spend your time. We will take you around some of the postcard-perfect sites in the small Provencal town, where it is possible to fill every minute with an experience that will relax and delight.


Whether you start or end your day on Ill de Bendor, you should undoubtedly take a boat ride to the six-hectare island for some food and relaxation. There are a fair few restaurants in the area, so plenty of choice for your morning menu.

Morning adventures

The reason to visit the island in the light of morning is revealed in its nickname. It is “the island of the Mediterranean Arts.” In fact, this was an island bought by Paul Ricard, the pastis magnate in 1950. He hoped to set it up as an arts and culture centre, but it didn’t quite get to the levels he likely envisioned. Still, there are a cluster of lovely craft shops on the island, and some of the buildings are quaint, if not a little strange. When you walk around, you will soon begin to understand why Salvador Dali was a frequent visitor.

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