Tourist advice: Reddit users reveal what visitors should NEVER do in their countries

tourist advice reddit users reveal what visitors should never do in their countries

Don’t touch anything in Australia – because ‘everything wants to kill you’.

That’s the advice of one contributor to an internet thread dedicated to the dos and don’ts for tourists around the world, ahead of lockdown ending.

A few others on the discussion agree that a sprinkling of paranoia is necessary in Australia. ‘Don’t go near the crocodile, don’t touch the snake, and don’t try to eat the redback spider,’ is the advice from another contributor.

Locals on Reddit have been revealing what tourists should never do when visiting their countries. One user warned visitors to Australia – don’t touch anything

The thread, on Reddit, was kick-started recently by user u/Skinnysaif with the question ‘what should tourists never do in your country?’

Users Rumplestiltskin1254 and grandpa2390, who posed the aforementioned warnings about Australia, were joined by dozens and dozens of others in a determined bid to steer visitors away from potential hazards and faux pas.

Many were from the USA and had very specific instructions for what not to do when visiting the country – especially its wilderness.

For example, Uneaqualty65 said: ‘Here in the U.S in south Utah, there are many amazing rock sculptures. Don’t. Write. On. Them.

‘They are rare structures formed by thousands of years of erosion, not something to carve your name into.’

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