A Great Guide to Good Drinks For Dry January

a great guide to good drinks for dry january

The cover of Good Drinks: Alcohol-Free Recipes for When You’re Not Drinking for Whatever Reason by … [+] Julia Bainbridge. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House. ©2020. Photograph by Alex Lau

There is no need to stop drinking even if you are doing dry January—or if you are living a dry lifestyle.  Good Drinks by Julia Bainbridge is your guide to “Alcohol-Free Recipes for When You’re Not Drinking for Whatever Reason” as the subtitle informs.  

I gave a copy of this book to a friend for Christmas.  He drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails but when he is in one of his no-alcohol phases, he still wants a celebratory libation to enjoy along with everyone else who is imbibing.  The drinks in this book are a welcome change from the often underwhelming non-alcoholic beverages that he usually buys.

Bainbridge is a food writer who decided to stop consuming alcohol but not to stop drinking. Good Drinks is the delicious result of a cross-country road trip in pursuit of the best non-alcoholic craft cocktails that she could find.  This refreshing book is a collection of the answers that she received from bartenders when she asked them, “Can you make an outstanding non-alcoholic drink?”  

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