An Insider’s Guide To Uzbekistan’s Dining Scene This Year

an insiders guide to uzbekistans dining scene this year

Khan Chapan Instagram Food image

Khan Chapan

Restaurants have closed and chefs have been forced to re-strategize during this pandemic year.

What does dining look like around the world?

I take you on a journey to Uzbekistan, sitting down with co-founder and restaurateur Sadam Matchanov of Khan Chapan about Uzbekistan’s dining scene and what changed during this pandemic year.

The restaurant is a cultural experience for many who have visited Khan Chapan – relying heavily on tourists, expats and in-house dining for the full experience in central Tashkent.

“Our restaurant is unique cultural experience of central Asian region, that allows you to travel back in time and feel what it was like to be a guest of the khan, and forget the urban gray jungle of modern cities” – Sadam Matchanov


This of course has been changed this year with delivery systems and catering being a big business for restauranteurs in Uzbekistan.

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Khan Chapan

Khan Chapan Sadam Matchanov

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