Exclusive: Chef Roy Choi On The Rise Of Korean-American Cuisine And His Disney Friendsgiving Collab

exclusive chef roy choi on the rise of korean american cuisine and his disney friendsgiving collab

While “traditional” Thanksgiving spreads may not possible this year, Disney and award-winning Chef Roy Choi have joined forces for a Mickey & Friends(giving) celebration. On the tail end of a truly unprecedented year, Chef Choi’s partnership brings six pizza makers from around the country together, encouraging people to celebrate while still socially distanced. Pizza spots like John & Vinny’s in LA and Home Slice in Austin have crafted themed pies to honor their classic Disney characters.

The fact that Choi now refers to chefs like John and Vinny as friends, still blows his mind. “My life didn’t change until about 10 years ago or so. I had already lived a full live, an unknown chef in the hotel world just doing my thing. My life… I never thought I’d meet them. Then everything crumbled and I reemerged as someone else.” 

Chef Roy Choi, owner and chef of Los Angeles Kogi BBQ and Las Vegas Best Friends.


That “someone else” is known as the instigator of the LA-based gourmet taco truck movement. Kogi’s BBQ, known for Korean short rib tacos, set Choi’s career on a new track by combining familiar Korean flavors with LA’s celebrated taco trucks and flawless technique.

“What took you so long?” Choi laughs when asked about the rise in popularity of Korean flavors across the US. “Korean food is not a linear food.”

What does this Disney and pizza partnership mean to Chef Choi?

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