Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Dark Chocolate Truffles

holiday gift guide 2020 the best dark chocolate truffles

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Bon Bon Bon

Chocolate should be your go-to gift this holiday season as chocolatiers report a pandemic-driven run on chocolate, especially ones that evoke nostalgia. It’s no surprise that chocolates that inspire warm, positive memories are so popular during such a trying time. Says Wendy Lieu, co-owner of Socola Chocolates, “Taste and smell have a visceral power to transport people to memories when they felt safe, seen, and loved.” She’s right on—transport your loved ones with these sumptuous, silken dark chocolate offerings and one note of advice—if you want them to arrive on time, plan ahead as shipping during COVID times is inherently unpredictable.

Bon Bon Bon, (MI) Despite the pandemic’s effect on her business, chocolatier and owner Alexandra Clark and her team still strive to make chocolate for the good people of the world who, says Clark, “especially need and deserve a good piece of chocolate right now.” She’s doing that with absolute flair. Her retro packaging and clever, utterly delicious bonbons are as entertaining to open as they are to eat. Wrapped in wee individually labeled boxes, each one is a micro-dessert with multiple layers of flavor. Consider Crème Brulee (Madagascar vanilla, bean custard, ganache, brulee sugar) or Scorpio (cherry confiture, devil’s food cake, buttercream ganache) or Bubs (dark chocolate, brut rose, caramel, fizzy sugar—it really does pop in your mouth). Build your own box—because you will want these for yourself as well.

Li-Lac Chocolates

Li-Lac Chocolates

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