How Long Does Champagne Last & Other Burning Questions For Your Bubbly

how long does champagne last other burning questions for your bubbly

A Classic Cuvee sparkling wine produced by Nyetimber Ltd. is poured into a glass in this arranged … [+] photograph in West Chiltington, U.K., on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020. When English vineyards started producing sparkling wine that aficionados lauded as a rival to Champagne investors took note. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg © 2020 Bloomberg Finance LP

1. Lay bottles horizontally in a cool and dry / dark place. 

Much like wine, you should keep champagne in a dark and dry place, preferably at 10-13 degrees C.

Lying them down ensures the cork does not dry out but definitely do not put the champagne in the door of the fridge – apparently the bubbles will be irritated by the constant opening and closing.

Champagne cork explosions moving in opposite directions getty

2. Don’t save champagne forever. They will age but the effervescence will be lost over time

3. Serve champagne chilled but not over ice. No explanation here. Serious faux par! 

If you must, put your champagne in a bucket of ice

Row vine green grape in champagne vineyards at montagne de reims, Reims, France getty


4. Apparently opening a bottle of champagne can be extremely dangerous – the cork flying at you at 50mph. So remove the foil, slowly release the cage and angle the bottle away from your family and friends!

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Want to know more on click here go to tour news source.

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