How To Step Up Your Sourdough Game According To CEO Marcus Grimerö

how to step up your sourdough game according to ceo marcus grimero

How many of us welcomed new ‘toys’ during the pandemic year?

Puppies, Nintendo consoles and baking appliances.

I sat down with Marcus Grimerö, the CEO of Ankarsrum – a Kitchen appliance for the everyday consumer with a ‘industrial’ feel about the pandemic year and how it affected sales.

Marketing took a back seat and sales + production reigned supreme.

“Our customers really love the Ankarsrum Assistent Original… Our customers are truly our best marketers” — Marcus Grimerö, CEO, Ankarsrum

Ankarsrum – built to do more than just bake Ankarsrum

While the market is dominated and possibly flooded with another kitchen ‘helper’, I’m partial the the Ankarsrum because of its ‘Made in Sweden’ design and also durability in taking over kitchen jobs – baking, whipping, blitzing, cookie making.

I’ve yet to tinker with the grain milling and added bonuses aka attachments which come with the machine but am eager to do so in 2021.

While the machine does come with minor issues (large batches are best & residue on the inner steel mixer); in a community lead by Ankarsrum ‘lovers’ and ‘fans’…the general consensus is that once you go Ankarsrum – you can’t go back. Much like converting from PC to Mac.


Marcus and I discussed markets and industry competition

Ankarsrum doing its thing Ankarsrum Website

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Marcus Grimerö CEO of Ankarsrum Denhef Digital

What is the Ankarsrum philosophy? 

Ankarsrum is more than just a bakers tool Ankarsrum Want to know more on click here go to tour news source.

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