Kudos To Marcus Samuelsson For Reimagining The Cookbook

kudos to marcus samuelsson for reimagining the cookbook

Raves are pouring in for the celebrity chef’s latest effort, The Rise. This gorgeous book is part history lesson, part stirring memoir with generous helpings of love for Black chefs, authors, scholars and food industry leaders who are living proof that Black Food Matters. Here are four essential takeaways from this groundbreaking smash hit, co-authored by Osayl Endolyn with recipes developed by Yewande Komolafe and photography from Angie Mosier.

Marcus Samuelsson’s latest cookbook — The Rise — is a loving tribute to Black chefs, scholars, … [+] authors and food industry leaders across the country.

Marcus Samuelsson via Instagram It’s About Time

When Samuelsson started working on The Rise, the mission was clear from the get-go: “I’ve always felt when America tells its story to the world, it’s best told in its totality. You can’t tell the story of music in this country without talking about the African American experience. When you when you think about sports, you can’t tell it without talking about Black athletes, Michael Jordan and the great Olympic athletes. But in terms of food, the history hasn’t been told with Black Americans in mind. We have the opportunity to reclaim that history and get the authorship right,” Samuelsson said in a recent phone interview. As the book’s introduction plainly states: “Black food is American food.”

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