Roast, grill or grate, and heap with flavour: how to cook cauliflower | Kitchen aide


My partner hates cauliflower, but I love it. How can I make him see the error of his ways? Hannah, London N4

“Cauliflower is social,” says Ravinder Bhogal, chef-patron of Jikoni in London. “Its mild flavour invites the company of all manner of nuts, seeds, spices and herbs. Open your larder – find the heavy hitters, from soy and miso to tahini – and cauliflower will stand up to every one of them.” She’s not kidding about its versatility, either – you can grill it, grate it into rice or pizza bases, blitz it into bolognese, fritters or soup, mash it (to top lentil pies, say) or cut it into florets for curries. This should, in theory, help convince sceptics.

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