14 Indian Restaurants In Europe That Will Ensure A Savory Experience

14 indian restaurants in europe that will ensure a savory experience

Europe is a preferred vacation destination for a lot of travelers. From Colosseum in Rome to Eiffel Tower in France, Europe is a host to a lot of different architectural marvels and beauties. The continent is rich in culture as well as traditions and you might as well find a lot of people from various walks of life.

There are many things that can get yourself engaged in while you are in Europe. You can watch the beautiful city of London by taking a ride on the London Eye or you can shop till you drop in the market of Florence!

Europe is also known for its multi-cuisine food chains spread across various countries. Indian cuisine is something that many people enjoy. The curries and the breads, all have gained a worldwide recognition for being rich in taste and having distinct traditional flavors. This is exactly what you’ll get to taste in the Indian restaurants in Europe.

14 Must-Visit Indian Restaurants In Europe

When you are far from home, chances are that you might crave the food of your place and when such craving strikes, we don’t want you to spend any time searching for restaurants; rather spend that time enjoying Indian food. So we have compiled a list of Indian restaurants in Europe.

1. Sanjha Chulha

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Indian dishes are distinguishable due to their ingredients used and mouth-watering aromas – those who are well-versed with Indian cuisine will know this. The restaurant Sanjha Chulha serves some mouth-watering, authentic Indian dishes.

The place has a very comfortable and cozy vibe to it. The décor and interiors will even remind you of typical restaurants in India.

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