Six of the most amazing ancient Egyptian temples

Sumary of Six of the most amazing ancient Egyptian temples:

  • The nearby Temple of Hathor depicts musicians, and a monkey playing a lute.
  • A smaller temple nearby showcases 10-metre-tall statues and lovely wall art featuring Ramesses elegant wife Nefertari.
  • The temple is dedicated to falcon-headed god Haroeris and crocodile-headed god Sobek who are depicted all across the walls.
  • The Great Temple alone is larger than a cathedral, and the processional Avenue of Sphinxes that leads between it and Luxor Temple finally fully restored and reopened in 2021 runs for three kilometres.
  • Four gargantuan statues of Ramesses II guard its entrance, one with a missing head which lies in the sand beneath and might make you ponder lifes transient pretentions.
  • Although neither large nor awesome, this unusual twin temple 40 kilometres north of Aswan commands a great clifftop venue above a wide curve of the Nile River.

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