Rise of culinary tourism: When the menu becomes the map

Sumary of Rise of culinary tourism: When the menu becomes the map:

  • Then there is an organic farmers market called Jaivik Setu where they indulge in organic food, live song under the trees.
  • So much so that the latest Godrej Food Trends report states that 87. 1% food experts believe people will journey more to experience culinary culture and cuisine in the coming years.
  • It involves interacting with chefs and food experts, exploring local markets, trying out fresh local produce and beverages.
  • I take them around iconic and hidden food gems of Indore, host a workshop for them where I teach them local delicacies and also offer a private dining experience in my own kitchen Elaborating on the markets he takes his guests to, Pamnani shares, Indore is known for its roadway food.
  • So Chappan dukaan and Sarafa are two main roadway food markets where I take them.
  • Bazaar Sita Ram Kuremal Ki Kulfi, of which Mango, Anar, Rose, Paan and so on are famous, she adds.

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