Virgin Atlantic Launch Mystery Holidays Guaranteed Quarantine Free

virgin atlantic launch mystery holidays guaranteed quarantine free

In most countries worldwide, aviation and tourism have been one of the hardest-hit industries in the pandemic. In the U.K., a system of travel corridors was launched to allow passengers to fly from the U.K. to “safe” destinations with a low rate of COVID-19. Having a travel corridor meant that you did not have to quarantine for 14 days when you returned home, unlike those returning from high-risk destinations.

However, as autumn approached, more and more destinations were removed from the safe list at short notice, leaving travelers scrambling to get home with less than 36 hours’ notice. Many travelers were scared of repercussions from their employer or their children missing school. At one point, this led to the situation where there were very few countries you could visit that allowed access from the U.K. and which did not involve quarantine on the way home. The travel market’s slight recovery began to falter again.

In a survey of 1000 adults, more than 66% of British adults avoided booking a holiday this year over fears changing travel rules will force them to self-isolate, cut a trip short, or have it canceled. At present, the U.K. is in lockdown, and all leisure travel is banned. However, during the past few weeks, more corridors have been opened. This still leaves an issue for people wanting to travel as you can book a holiday believing the country you are visiting will be on the list. Yet within a couple of weeks, it could be taken off again, as happened with Portugal that lasted a total of three weeks before being removed again.

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