Canada Comes Clean: In-Flight Exposure To Covid-19 Happens All The Time

canada comes clean in flight exposure to covid 19 happens all the time

Canada is transparent about in-flight Covid-19 exposure. Why isn’t the U.S.? getty

On Sunday, January 10, did you fly on Air Canada flight 901 from Fort Lauderdale to Montreal? Or perhaps you were aboard American Airlines flight 646 from Dallas to Calgary. Both flights carried passengers who have since tested positive for Covid-19.

That information is readily available on a public database run by the Canadian government, where travelers can easily look up whether they were potentially exposed to Covid-19 on a recent flight. The data includes inbound and outbound international flights and all domestic flights within Canada since the beginning of the pandemic.

There is nothing remotely like this in the United States.

From the onset of the coronavirus pandemic through early January, reports USA Today, the Canadian Public Health Agency identified potential exposure on more than 1,600 international flights and more than 1,400 domestic flights within Canada. That list includes 192 flights in the past two weeks alone.

As soon as Canadian health authorities receive a report that a recent traveler tested positive, the flight is entered into the database. This allows recent travelers search to see if anyone on their flight tested positive and to watch for symptoms. Flights are removed from the database after two weeks, in keeping with Canada’s mandatory 14-day quarantine period upon arrival. (Canadians can also check cruises and trains, too.)

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