10 Bustling Melbourne Markets To Explore The Shopaholic In You

10 bustling melbourne markets to explore the shopaholic in you

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Melbourne, the coastal capital of the state Victoria is a cultural hub that fascinates foodies and shopaholics across the world with its tantalizing food and wine, iconic lane ways, and abundant local markets. The Melbourne markets give a sneak peek into the handicrafts of the local Victorian people with interesting paintings, vintage clothing, and up cycled products that are put on display. For food lovers, the food markets in Melbourne bring you international flavors. Apart from that, these markets also serve as a great platform for local farmers to trade their farm-fresh produce.

While there are a dozen markets in Melbourne alone, the century-old Queen Victoria Market is the exemplary shopping hub of the state.

10 Best Melbourne Markets

Melbourne is overloaded with exclusive farmers’ markets like Alphington Farmers Market and Prahran Market. Check-out this list of outstanding markets in Melbourne that will leave you spoil for choices:

1. Queen Victoria Market

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This iconic market in Melbourne goes a long way back to the 19th century and its Victorian-style architecture is fascinating until today. Spread across seven hectares, this market is the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere. The allies of shops here literally have everything that one could think of buying from – organic produces, alcohols, souvenirs, sporting goods, poultry, stationery, healthcare, and many others.

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