$24k item could be Costco’s most bizarre yet

24k item could be costcos most bizarre yet

Passengers worried about commercial flights during the pandemic have been given a solution by Costco – and they’ll just need $24,000.

The US retailer is selling a one-year membership to a private jet charter company called Wheels Up, which allows members to book a private jet “as easily as a ride share or short-term vacation rental,” the product description says.

Although the $23,899 membership is quite a hefty fee, it also comes with a $4780 Costco Shop Card and around $5460 worth of flight credit.

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Other benefits include “dedicated account management,” a one-year membership with Inspirato, a luxury holiday rental subscription service and “guaranteed nationwide aircraft availability up to 365 days a year,” according to the description.

Sadly for cashed-up Aussies, the offer is only available in the United States.

American members can either buy an additional “Fund Program” with lower rates and lower billable fly times, or they can “pay as they fly,” according to the product description.

The Wheels Up fleet includes more than 300 private aircraft as well as more than 1250 partner aircraft.

The company also promises enhanced health and safety measures through its “Safe Passage” program, which includes having all Wheels Up aircraft getting an antimicrobial shield treatment at least every 90 days and having all seats and interior surfaces sanitised between every flight, the website says.

The Wheels Up membership can be found online in the “Electronics” category, or in-store with other gift cards, according to The Washington Post.

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