8 Finest Bakeries In Melbourne To Savor The Best Of Bread And Coffee

8 finest bakeries in melbourne to savor the best of bread and coffee

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Melbourne, with its picturesque coastline is known as the coastal capital of Australia. This pocket-sized city with its diverse cultural heritage is an ideal playground for explorers, adventurers, foodies, and wildlife lovers. Uncover the astonishing outlying beaches, miraculously jiggered coastline, emerald green luxuriant forests, the sky-piercing mountains, and the enigmatic wildlife. Melbourne is a trendy and vibrant conurbation, with an electrifying city center. The beautiful neighborhood of Melbourne is full of distinctive character, artistic gardens, and groovy mountain ranges.

Melbourne is also branded as the culinary capital of Australia with its state of the art restaurants, pubs, bars, and bakeries. The ingenious lane ways are a symbol of its traditional and cultural diversity and excellent dining options. Wherever you go, the bakeries in Melbourne will never keep you far from the marvelous food culture that Australia has to offer.

10 Best Bakeries In Melbourne

After ingesting our way through the lanes, we have fetched you a list of  the bakeries in Melbourne that you must absolutely visit:

1. Baker Bleu

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This tiny 400 sq. meter terrace and warehouse in Melbourne has some eccentric demand for cult loaves of bread. The bakery produces sourdough bread, sesame seed rolled baguette, and caraway rye bread. The bread is perfectly moist, deeply caramelised, and are fermented for 18 long hours before they are baked. Baker Bleu supplies its loaves to Attica, Cutler & Co., and The Carlton Wine Room, so now you know how outrageously amazing they are.

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