Aussie star’s odd bedroom habit

aussie stars odd bedroom habit

Aussie TV host and former Miss World Australia Erin Holland has opened up about her odd bedroom habit.

Before the pandemic hit, Holland was flying overseas more than 10 times each year to take part in cricket coverage in India, Pakistan and Dubai.

When she was in Australia, she was flying domestically at least once a week, often to visit her fiance, Ben Cutting, who is a professional cricketer based in Brisbane.

So asked Holland to share some of her best travel hacks, one of which included two must-have items that she takes to bed with her every night.

“Because I’m often travelling to different time zones, sleep’s incredibly important to me,” Holland said. “To help combat jet lag, I actually always sleep in an eye mask and ear plugs.

“It sounds crazy,” she said. “But it’s given me some sort of regularity no matter where I am.

“I’ve just found that by incorporating that into my daily routine, even when I’m at home, I’m getting a solid sleep and that helps me function.”

Here are Holland’s other travel hacks.

• “I’m big on going to the gym on the morning of a flight, particularly long-haul flights. You’re about to sit down all day and that’s not great for your body, so I find doing a gym session before you go to get the blood pumping helps. And then when I land, I’ll try and get a gym session in the first 12 hours before I sleep because it helps my body sleep better. I’ve found exercise is really helpful in terms of battling jet lag.”

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