Direct flight options between SA and Australia on hold until late 2021

direct flight options between sa and australia on hold until late 2021

SAA and Qantas were the only two airlines operating direct flights between South Africa and Australia until March, but SAA was forced to suspend all operations until funding could be obtained.

Meanwhile, Australia’s national carrier, Qantas, also suspended flights to South Africa as a result of Australia’s strict coronavirus travel ban, which was projected to continue until March 2021.

Australia’s borders are still closed and Qantas has again postponed the restart of direct flights to several international destinations — including South Africa. Qantas has cancelled its direct flights between Sydney and Johannesburg until late October 2021.


Qantas has updated its schedule for the coming year. The recently released schedule indicates that flights to certain international destinations will not be operational for almost another whole year.

Flights to key destinations where a number of Australia’s migrant families originate from, have been affected.

South Africa, the UK and US are countries that Australia’s national airline will not be operating flights to until late October 2021.

With SAA grounded, there will also be no direct flights between Johannesburg and Perth for the foreseeable future. Image: Adobe Stock DIRECT FLIGHTS TO PERTH NOT OPERATIONAL

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