Emirates stops flights to Aust east coast

emirates stops flights to aust east coast

Hannah RyanAAPCamera IconEmirates’ last flights to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will be on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail UsCopy the Link

International airline Emirates has abruptly suspended its flights to Australia’s east coast, leaving it more difficult for Australians overseas to make it home.

The airline announced the decision on Friday evening on its website, attributing it to “operational reasons”.

Its last journeys from Dubai to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will fly on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

Ticket-holders with later dates will not be able to fly, with Emirates advising they contact their travel agent or Emirates contact centre to re-book.

Australians overseas already faced difficulties in reaching their home country, with the intake of international arrivals slashed until February 15.

NSW is now taking 1500 arrivals a week instead of its usual 3000.

The reduction followed the leak of an especially infectious strain from hotel quarantine in Brisbane last week.

Emirates will still fly to Perth twice a week.

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