Holidays 2020: Best Christmas destinations to escape to with sun and no quarantine

holidays 2020 best christmas destinations to escape to with sun and no quarantine

Christmas is fast approaching and while England is currently in lockdown, many are getting ready to jet abroad as soon as they’re allowed to. Currently, Britons residing in England are not allowed to travel within the UK or abroad unless it’s for an essential purpose. For some, lockdown is a chance to hunker down and get into the Christmas spirit.

But for others, it’s simply a stop gap before jetting off abroad.

For those looking to head abroad over the Christmas period once lockdown has been lifted, has gathered together a list of the best destinations to escape to with sun, and most importantly, no quarantine.


Entry requirements and quarantine

Madeira and the Azores are currently exempt from the UK’s quarantine list which means Britons can enjoy a holiday on the islands without facing 14 days in isolation on their return.

Before arriving in Madeira, Britons will need to complete and submit a traveller questionnaire 12 to 48 hours before departure.

Travellers will also need to take a coronavirus test 72 hours before travel and upload a test result.

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Being closer to Africa, Madeira is warm all year round which makes it a great option or some winter sun.

The average high temperature in December is 20C with it cooling down to around 11C at night.

While it may be warm in the day, it’s best to still pack a rain coat and a jumper for the evenings.


Madeira was awarded Europe’s Safest Christmas Destination 2020 by European Best Destinations last month.

In Madeira, the whole month of December – known as the “Festa” – is dedicated to festive fun.

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