Princess Diana made Australia tour ‘different’ by doing what Queen ‘would never have done’

princess diana made australia tour different by doing what queen would never have done

Princess Diana is known for being the “people’s Princess” and became a popular icon when she married the Prince of Wales. Early into their marriage in 1983 the Prince and Princess of Wales embarked on a tour of Australia. The trip was a huge milestone for the couple and marked the Princess’ first ever journey overseas.

But Diana and Charles broke this rule when they all travelled to Australia.

It is said that Diana reportedly refused to leave Prince William at home in the UK while they went abroad for six weeks.

Since then, Prince William has broken this protocol too when he took Prince George with him on a trip to Australia.

Jane Connors, author of Royal Visits to Australia, described the Australia tour as the most significant since Queen Elizabeth II visited the country in 1954.

During the tour, the couple attracted thousands of people with an estimated 200,000 people gathering in Melbourne.

It has also been estimated that the couple shook hands 2,000 times a day across the tour.

In 1954, The Queen embarked on an eight-week tour of Australia with Prince Philip.

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