‘Reconsider’: Warning of more border rules

reconsider warning of more border rules

The WA Premier has flagged further tightening the state’s coronavirus restrictions after it became the first jurisdiction to impose quarantine rules on travellers coming from South Australia.

Mark McGowan tweeted about how WA “moved swiftly” to strengthen its rules for South Australia on Sunday following an outbreak of COVID-19, which has now reached 17 infections.

“This was an initial response. We’re assessing further options based on our expert health advice,” Mr McGowan wrote.

“I strongly urge anyone about to leave Adelaide for Perth to reconsider their travel. More to come.”

WA scrapped its hard border in favour of a “controlled border” on Saturday, allowing people from every jurisdiction, except NSW and Victoria, to visit without needing to quarantine for 14 days.

But people still needed to register their travel on the G2G PASS app.

It sparked a flood of visitors to the state, many of whom had not seen their families in WA for several months.

But less than 48 hours later, WA imposed stronger restrictions on people arriving from SA, causing chaos at airports.

Many people chose not to leave Adelaide knowing they would need to quarantine for two weeks in Perth, but others continued on their journey.

Some were already in the air and when they arrived in Perth were told to go back to Adelaide if they were not willing to quarantine.

Meanwhile, many people also entered WA by car from SA.

Health Minister Roger Cook said on Monday that Qantas was putting on special flights to get some travellers back to SA if they could not stay in WA due to the quarantine requirement.

Mr Cook said it was obviously a very serious outbreak.

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