Unlike anywhere else in the world

unlike anywhere else in the world

Incredibly vast and diverse, I’m convinced Australia is the best country in the world because of its lifestyle, its people and its opportunities.

While Australia Day has drawn much criticism over the years, I think the expression, “we’re all part of the story” is a step in the right direction because every Australian plays a part in our national identity.

For me, Australia Day gives us the chance to reflect on our heritage, to appreciate what we have and to help others achieve a lifestyle that is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Being a country boy from the town of Merredin, I had a fairly typical country upbringing that involved spending time on the family farm surrounded by animals, playing sport and doing all sorts of outdoor activities.

Sadly, not much thought was given to the meaning of Australia Day back then.

I think Australia Day celebrations have developed over time into a really important part of our calendar. It is now, in many ways, a celebration of who we are as Australians, as well as a forum for welcoming new citizens which makes the day even more relevant.

I think all Australians can be proud of our multicultural society, which is underpinned by our common values and commitment to freedom, security and prosperity. From a lifestyle perspective, Australia offers something for everyone and has a great mix of heritage, scenery and culture.

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