‘No vaccine, no service:’ How vaccinations may affect travel plans in the future

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While interest in getting vaccinated for Covid-19 might vary, the desire to travel largely does not.

A study released by Hilton last October indicated that 95% of Americans miss traveling. But those who either can’t or won’t take a Covid vaccination may find themselves shut out of some routine travel experiences, such as flying, cruising and going to business conferences.  

Here’s how the choice of whether to vaccinate (or not) may affect travel plans in the future.

Traveling abroad

Though no country has announced a mandatory vaccination requirement yet, it’s “very possible” that some will once vaccinations become freely available, said Sharona Hoffman, co-director of the Law-Medicine Center at Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

“I would guess that New Zealand might be a country that would require proof of vaccination for travel purposes,” she said, citing the country’s rigid travel ban and low Covid-19 infection rate.

Hoffman said countries will have to balance the need for tourist income with the inherent coronavirus risks that travelers bring with them.

“We know that large numbers of people plan to decline vaccination as of now, including in wealthy countries, such as the United States,” she said. “Are nations going to be willing to give up on tourism income from such individuals?”

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