The Most Powerful Passports For 2021, New Cabo Resorts, ‘Queen’s Gambit’ Hotel Room And More

the most powerful passports for 2021 new cabo resorts queens gambit hotel room and more

New Cabo San Lucas Resort Openings THE RESIDENCES AT ST. REGIS LOS CABOS

The pandemic may have halted travel in 2020, but it didn’t slow down resort developments. Several new properties have been announced for Cabo San Lucas, including a Four Seasons hotel, a Soho House and a St. Regis (above), which includes a luxurious residential community.

A Hotel Room Inspired By ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Visit Lex

Inspired by the success of Netflix’s hit series The Queen’s Gambit, the 21c Museum Hotel in Lexington, Kentucky is paying tribute to its fictional native daughter. 21c Lexington’s new Harmon Room features mid-century modern furniture, era-appropriate copies of Chess Review magazine and complimentary Lex Liquors totes. Best of all, yes, there are chess pieces on the ceiling. Your move.

No More Cannabis Tourism in Amsterdam Getty Images

If Amsterdam’s mayor has her way, cannabis tourism in the city will end by the time pandemic travel restrictions are lifted. The city is proposing new legislation that would limit the sale of marijuana to Dutch nationals and residents of the Netherlands. According to a recent survey, some 57% of foreign tourists say that a trip to one of Amsterdam’s famed coffee shops was a “very important” reason for visiting.


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