Travel corridor may ‘open up in time for Christmas’ as London to New York flight launches

travel corridor may open up in time for christmas as london to new york flight launches

A covid-safe flight is due to jet off between London and New York this week in a bid to help move plans forward in developing a safe route between the UK and US. It is a move that has been described as “a huge boost for both the leisure and business traveller” by one aviation expert.

The scheme is being run by United Airlines and will last one month to determine whether a safe link can feasibly be set up.

Findings will be shared with authorities on both sides of the pond.

The first flight is due to land at Heathrow on Tuesday morning.

All passengers who board the flight will be guaranteed not to have the COVID-19 virus, after undergoing tests ahead of departure.

Josh Earnest, United Airlines’ chief communication officer, explained: “The benefit right now is that people – for free – can have the peace of mind knowing when they board the plane that everyone else who’s on that plane has recently tested negative for COVID-19.”

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“We’ve all been waiting for a solution to be able to start travelling again.

“This would be a huge boost for both the leisure and business traveller and for the economy.”

Should the trial prove a success, Ms Taylor believes travellers may be given the green light to jet off to the US once again.

“It is Incredibly positive news for travel and the aviation industry,” she said.

“Not only would it give peace of mind for travellers, but the airlines and the crews on board. More travel corridors could open up as a result of a successful trial.”

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