You can now spend the night in a luxury tent at Singapore Changi airport


You may have imagined pitching up a tent under the stars, in an outdoorsy setting. But you would never have imagined doing so inside an airport! This year was one which had limited travelling, but it did not stop airlines from doing creative things to entice potential travellers. From launching flights to nowhere to starting cafes inside aircrafts, the year was marked with interesting things in the aviation sector.

And now, to take things up a notch, Singapore’s Changi Airport has introduced a novel attraction, wherein people can spend a night glamping in luxury yurts, The Independent reports. According to the report, the unusual sight and setting for this particular sleepover is the airport’s new retail complex called the ‘Jewel’, which opened in 2019. Here, guests can use the bed in Jewel’s Shiseido Forest Valley, which is an indoor garden having five storeys — or the Cloud9 Piazza, located on the top floor.

The experience promises stunning views — that of the Rain Vortex, the biggest indoor waterfall in the world.

It should be noted that among the many restrictions put in place because of the ongoing pandemic, campsites are currently closed in Singapore. But at Changi airport, guests will enjoy the best of both indoor and outdoor. In fact, the good news is, they will not have to worry about mosquitoes, outdoor humidity, dirt, etc. They can have a comfortable stay in the daytime or book an overnight stay for £200 (INR 19,831).

Want to know more click here go to The Indian Express Travel and Tourism source.

Want to know more click here go to The Indian Express Travel and Tourism source.

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