10 of the best virtual travel experiences: readers’ tips


Winning tip: A bird’s eye view of Norway

One of my joys of travelling is listening to music on a train while watching a new country spool by outside the window. During lockdown I discovered how to replicate this experience while confined to the house: by watching drone footage of faraway places on YouTube. My favourite was Flying Over Norway, an hour-long feature flying above fjords, bays and fishing villages. The footage offers a bird’s-eye view of deep valleys in shadow, winding roads and bridges connecting rocky islands. I was close enough to see people walking along the beach yet could also see how the landscapes fit together. Mary

Virtual Christmas in BrooklynHoliday lights and decorations in Brooklyn’s Dyker Heights neighborhood this year. Photograph: Mark Lennihan/AP

I went on a tour of Dyker Heights with virtualtrips.io out of sheer boredom. The destination is an area of Brooklyn notorious for its absolutely ridiculous Christmas lights. I think Brits intrinsically enjoy simultaneously marvelling at and disapproving of American extravagance. Aaron and Patrick, our guides, were warm and funny and surprisingly I actually felt a little sense of community when I contemplated my fellow virtual travellers: each of us sat in our own bubbles around the world with a cup of tea or something stronger. It’s the only time I felt connected with anyone outside my household over the holiday period.• virtualtrips/io, tipping guides encouragedCaitlin Evans

Eyeballing the king of the jungle Photograph: Douglas Klug/Getty Images

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