10 Reverential Temples In Jammu Where You Can Actually Feel The Divinity In 2020

10 reverential temples in jammu where you can actually feel the divinity in 2020

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The northern state of the country, Jammu is a precious jewel in the crown of India, bearing a history that is a class apart. Along with its snow clad mountain tops and enchanting valleys, it also offers a series of eclectic charming temples that are a treat to visit. All the temples in Jammu bear a rich history and created by the finest craftsmen in stunning locations and spiritual aura radiated by these glorious temples. The designs are extremely exquisite which cannot be seen anywhere else. Each temple here will either take you back in past or leave you awe-struck with the numerous mythological incidents. Nevertheless, your visit to these temples will be a memorable one.

10 Admiring Temples In Jammu

Jammu hosts few of the most visited temples of India with a large number of tourists visiting the place all year round. Let us look at the notable temples in Jammu that you can visit to experience divinity at its best.

Ranbireshwar Temple – Abode Of 12 Lingams
Raghunath Temple – Awe-Striking Architecture
Amarnath Temple (Pahalgam) – A Wonder Worth Witnessing
Vaishno Devi Temple – True Place Of Devotion
Shankaracharya Temple – One That Is Historically Rich
Peer Kho Cave Temple – A Stunning Location
Avantipur Temple – Inspired From Greek Architecture
Bahu Fort And Temple – Amidst Scenic Beauty
Sharada Mataji – Mythologically Prominent
Kol Kandoli Temple – Based On Vaishno Devi Temple

1. Ranbireshwar Temple – Abode Of 12 Lingams

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