11 Best Places In Nevada To Visit

11 best places in nevada to visit

Nevada is one pretty deserted state to explore… and by that, I mean it’s filled with desert landscapes! Though don’t let its extreme environment fool you, there are a heap of incredible and best places in Nevada to visit dotted all across the state to explore.

You see, from the bright lights of Las Vegas to iconic parks, it’s a state that is so much more than just slot machines and the glitz of the Strip. Although this might be your likely draw to Nevada, do make sure to take a little time to explore some of the wider areas of the state. 

Though, as with lots of states in the United States, it’s pretty expansive and can take a whole day (or more) to drive from the most northerly to southerly tip. This all means you should plan your trip well in advance, especially as there can be vast open stretches of open desert roads. 

So, to help you along your way, we’ve popped a few of our favourite and best places in Nevada to visit on your next trip. Have the best time. 

1.) Las Vegas 

Love it or hate it, Las Vegas is known the world over as an over-the-top, glitzy, outrageous and everything else in-between city in the USA to visit. Though, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just about gambling; Las Vegas can be so much more than that! 

Yes, you’re gonna see slots and roulette tables at every turn, but over the last few decades, Las Vegas has become an entertainment capital with concerts, shows, events and any kind of experience you can dream of.

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