12 Things to Know Before Traveling to St. Lucia

12 Things to Know Before Traveling to St. Lucia

Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia/Oyster

Instantly recognizable for its towering Pitons, St. Lucia is a Caribbean island paradise that combines rugged volcanic mountains, tropical rainforest, and sandy beaches. It strikes a balance between a developed, tourist-friendly island and a rustic destination full of local charm and unspoiled natural landscape, making it the perfect getaway for honeymooners and dive tourists alike. From the bustling, party-loving north to the laid-back serenity of the nature-heavy south, the island is packed with waterfalls, sandy stretches of beach, fresh seafood, and the list goes on. Here are 12 more things to know before you pack your bags for St. Lucia.

1. Tipping is discretionary.

St. Lucia doesn’t share quite the same tipping culture as the U.S. Most restaurants and bars will add 10 percent for service to the bill — anything additional is up to you. That said, St. Lucia is an island that relies heavily on tourism, so feel free to tip to your heart’s content if you feel you’ve received exceptional service from your taxi driver, tour guide, or bartender.

2. The beaches are all public. Anse Chastanet Resort, St. Lucia/Oyster

Unlike some islands in the Caribbean, St. Lucia’s beaches are all open to the public. So, while there are plenty of beachside resorts, they don’t have exclusive access to the shore, meaning you’ll never have to face that terrible realization that the dreamy beach you’ve spotted is for resort guests only. That said, some resorts might restrict non-guests from using their sun loungers and beach bars.

3. You can use U.S. dollars.

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