5 Beautiful Beaches Near Madurai One Must Visit To Enjoy A Easy-Breezy Vacation!

5 beautiful beaches near madurai one must visit to enjoy a easy breezy vacation

Madurai is located in Tamil Nadu, and it is essential not only because of the pristine beaches and incredible natural beauty, but it is the third-largest city of the state. The city is quite ancient and has been founded thousands of years ago. Originally the town was the capital for the Pandya dynasty and was one of the most critical sites in the entirety of Southern India. Madurai is extraordinarily holy and sacred to several people of the Hindu religion. The city was a significant trading and shipping spot for ancient India. Hence, its existence can be found in the history books of Greek, Arabic, and Romans as well. They traded with India continually through Madurai. Alongside the magnificent historical monuments, there are some of the beautiful beaches near Madurai which will leave you surprised.

5 Beaches In Madurai

Here is a list of the best beaches in Madurai which one must definitely visit no matter if they are planning to visit with their family or friends.

1. Tuticorin Beach

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Tuticorin beach is located in Tamil Nadu and is quite popular among tourists of all nationalists. Not only is the beach mesmerizingly beautiful, but it is quite essential in the trading history of India. If you plan a trip to Tuticorin Beach, you will get to witness the pearl fishing industry out there and even get to buy precious pearls at a comparatively lower price than any other part of India. Not only is the place famous for its natural beauty, but you will find over tourist attractions, namely Our Lady Of Snows Basilica church, Roche Park, Rajaji Park, Nehru park, and many more.

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