5 colourful destinations to brighten your day


By Kerry Golds on Jan 18, 2021 in Africa, Asia, Central America, Costa Rica, Egypt, India, Japan, Jordan, Middle East, Regions

These five corners of the planet captivate with their beautiful hues, from cherry-blossom pink to jungle green. When you picture your perfect holiday destination, which colours spring to mind? Do you imagine emerald forests, azure oceans, golden sands?

Colour can have such a profound impact on the character of a place and its attraction to us. Wassily Kandinsky once wrote, “colour is a power which directly influences the soul”. Artists may ponder the meanings and moods of different hues, but our response to colour is a deeply personal one – and the planet affords us the most dazzling of palettes to explore.

Here we share five tempting destinations more defined by their colours than most…

Red: Jordan’s Wadi Rum

Lawrence of Arabia once described Wadi Rum as “vast, echoing and god-like”, and it’s easy to see why. Though dubbed the ‘Valley of the Moon’, this UNESCO-listed part of southern Jordan more closely resembles the terrain of Mars (indeed, it was a stand-in for the ‘red planet’ in 2015 film “The Martian”). Striated sandstone peaks punctuate sweeping desert plains, forming an otherworldly landscape of red, pink and peach hues. Rather than Martians, nomadic Bedouin tribes inhabit this region, as they have done for centuries. If you wish to experience life as one of the tribe, visitors can choose to camp out under the stars at one of Wadi Rum’s desert camps. Alongside Petra and the Dead Sea, this awe-inspiring valley is a must during a holiday to Jordan.

Blue: India’s city of Jodhpur

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