5 reasons why Hakuba, Japan is the best place for an introduction to backcountry skiing


Since the pandemic began outdoor fitness is an industry that has boomed. Perhaps with more time and less ability to spend it on the things that we used to – such as travel – many seem to be focused on self improvement, learning new skills or picking up new hobbies. One industry that has seen a peak in interest and sales is individual outdoor sports such as biking, cross country skiing and backcountry touring. For those already residing in Japan, this will be more relevant now, and for those that are not, may it be food for thought for future adventures. Here are our 5 reasons why Hakuba, Japan is the best place to get into backcountry skiing.

1. Accessible

Depending on where you are in the world, accessing the backcountry can be no small thing and can often require mechanised assistance in the form of snow mobiles, snow cats and helicopters. The reason for this varies, but it is mostly due to the proximity of the terrain that will be skied in relation to where lifts and facilities are. Often these areas are so far away that the use of these machines is simply the best way to reach where you need to go. As thrilling as these experiences are – which is not to be underestimated – they do also cost a pretty penny, with heli-skiing in the thousands. Based on that alone, it can make the backcountry in certain areas inaccessible to the average person – be it based upon economic factors or the physical distance. Fortunately for us, Hakuba`s backcountry is extremely easily accessed, with world class terrain available from the ski lifts, or a few minutes or hours skin up the ridge line – depending on your route for the day.

2. Variation

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