5 Things To Do In Goa In May That Must Be Experienced By Every Traveler Out There!


Travelling is said to be the best investment of your life and no matter what happens on a trip it always gives you a story to tell others for a lifetime. There is nothing better than a trip to Goa because Goa is a place that is amazingly different. Goa is a state located in western India which is not only famous for beaches but also equally famous for historical places.

Goa is a place in the country that is in the bucket list of every traveler and it is where everyone wants to go, and why not? Because when we start talking about Goa, a picture of the attractive Beaches in Goa, and a long coastline lined with palm trees instantly evoke our spirit. On a trip to Goa, you will come across the sparkling wild nightlife in north Goa and some simple yet fascinating things in south Goa like sunsets and the sound of waves. And even if these things to do in Goa in May are not enough for your adventure hungry soul, then there are many more activities you can indulge in such as exploring the wildlife, enjoying water sports, and going for a food tour. Before we look into that, let us have a sneak peak into the weather in Goa during the month of May.

Weather In Goa During May

The weather in Goa in May is mostly pleasant as it sees the retreat of summer and the onset of the monsoon season in India; hence, neither is the weather too warm that it burns your skin nor is it rainy and moist that it spoils your beach plans. Now that’s a great deal, right? The average minimum temperature recorded in Goa during May is 26 degrees Celcius and the maximum reaches up to 34 degrees Celsius.

5 Best Things To Do In Goa In May

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