6 Locations That One Should Visit When Taking Road Trips From Goa For An Idyllic Escape!

6 locations that one should visit when taking road trips from goa for an idyllic escape

Goa is a destination known for its magnificent beaches, lush vegetation and multi-colored flea markets. This place is the center of attraction for domestic as well as international tourists. You can also travel around some of the less known road trip from Goa if you are looking for a tranquil and out-of-the-way holiday. Every single group of friends plans this at one point during their lives. Only a few could make it. Evoke the movie Dil Chahta Hai?

That is closely how fun this road trip from Goa can be. A road trip from Goa is an amazing trip that will make you fall in love with the town. It is fascinating in itself. You get to travel through the highway, small villages, and narrow roads from the middle of Goa which is a whimsical existing wonder, and that makes it ever-so captivating. It is a rare trip that takes to adrenaline-charged road trip from Goa to some mesmerizing places.

Top 6 Road Trips From Goa

The drop-down list below formulates some of the best road trips from Goa, which will help in making your trip a well planned one for sure.

1. Picturesque Road Trip To The Chorla Ghats

Image SourceThe two-lane roads of the Panjim-Belgaum highway are a harbor for people in quest of for good roads for a flatter drive. These hill-cut roads that stride through the dense forests of Western Ghats give away wisdom of peace and at the same time give an abundant rush to your adrenaline. It’s time to take a long drive to the picturesque roads of Chorla.

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