7 iPhone Accessories to Help You Take Better Instagram Photos

7 iPhone Accessories to Help You Take Better Instagram Photos

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Whether you’ve got 100 followers or 100,000, we all want to take better Instagram photos. Influencers inspire us to travel with their incredible views from Hawaiian beaches to California deserts, rice fields in Bali to snow-capped mountains in New Zealand. With the right accessories, you can capture incredible shots like that too – all from your iPhone. Feeling double tap ready? Check out our favorites, brush up on these pro tips, and get snapping. 

Attachable lenses are the secret to taking incredible Instagrams with your iPhone. For less than $20, this pack of clip-on HD lenses will introduce three new views to your feed. That includes the ever-popular fisheye, a 140-degree super wide angle, and an enhanced macro lens for extreme close-up shots. They’re an affordable option that minimize glare, reflections, and ghosting so you can get like-worthy images without shelling out hundreds of dollars. 

We know, we know. But hear us out: This durable, wobble-free Fugetek selfie stick can hold your iPhone, GoPro, or even a DSLR. It extends more than four feet so you won’t even have to ‘fess up to using it. It just looks like you brought your own professional photographer along on your trip. There’s a non-slip rubber handle and quick flip locks so you won’t have to twist to secure into place. Best of all, it’s currently on sale for $18.95. Just don’t turn into one of “those people” blocking other travelers’ views and making kissy faces at UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

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